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Breaded poached egg in truffle sauce



45 min


second course


4 people

Passata di Datterini Bio al Tartufo Bianco - Il Pregiato
Il pregiato
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Cook the eggs for 5 minutes from boiling water to make them hard-boiled, let them cool in cold water and proceed to peel them.
Meanwhile, heat the Organic Datterini Passata with white truffle “Il pregiato”, keep it aside and proceed with the preparation of the batter: In a bowl, whisk and mix well the our with sparkling water well cold, with quick movements from below upwards.
Heat the seed oil to 170° in a pan with high sides, pass the peeled eggs in the batter, then roll them in the breadcrumbs and fry. Drain the eggs on straw paper to absorb the oil in excess, adjust with salt and pepper.
Serve the eggs cut in half and place them on truffle sauce, accompanied by shavings of fresh white truffle.


4 big eggs
350 g of Organic Datterini Passata with white truffle “Il pregiato”
100 g of oat breading, puffed millet, panko
100 g flour
1 fresh spring onion
1 small white truffle
1 glass of cold sparkling water
Seed oil for frying
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper