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Penne Arrabbiata with Jalapeño



15 min


main course


4 people

Passata di Pomodoro Bio al Jalapeno Petti - Il Piccanto
Il piccanto
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In a non stick pan, fry in some oil the cleaned garlic cloves, the red chili (you can remo- ve the seeds, so the recipe is not too spicy) and the parsley stalks.
Once golden, remove the gar- lic and the stems and add the Organic Datterini Passata with Jalapeño “Il piccanto”; add salt and cook over high heat for about 15 minutes. Meanwhile, cook the pasta in plenty salt water, drain still al dente and finally whip it into the sauce pan with the grated cheese.
Serve with slices of jalapeño and chopped parsley leaves.


320 g of dried penne Gragnano pasta
350 g of Organic Datterini Passata with Jalapeño “Il piccanto”
80 g of Pecorino Romano DOP cheese
2 cloves garlic
1 bunch of fresh parsley
1 fresh red chili
1 fresh jalapeño chili
Extra virgin olive oil