Gourmet recipes with Max Mariola

Veal sauté in wok with vegetables and Datterini



30 min


second course


4 people

Datterini Pelati Bio Petti - Gli Speciali
Gli speciali
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Clean and cut roughly all vegetables, blanch in boiling salted water with the addition of a tablespoon of oil: in this way they will remain highly glossy. Beware of the different coo- king times for each type of vegetable: the carrots cook in ve minutes, the turnips and asparagus in 3 minutes and the leek in 2 minutes.
Meanwhile, put oil and the veal meat in a preheated wok, cook for 10 minutes until the meat seals on each side and no longer releases its liquid.
Add the vegetables and the Organic peeled Datterini “Gli speciali” drained from their sauce, finally add salt. Continue cooking for about 10 minutes with the lid. Serve the veal and the piping hot vegetables.


600 g diced veal meat
350 g of Organic peeled Datterini “Gli speciali”
1 leek
1 white turnip
2 carrots
8 asparagus
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper