Le Passate

Sieved tomatoes

Petti sieved tomatoes Extra fine

I Pelati

Peeled tomatoes

Petti Peeled Tomatoes

Le Polpe

Chopped and crushed tomatoes

Petti chopped and crushed tomatoes

Il Concentrato

Concentrated tomato paste

Petti concentrated and double concentrated tomato paste

Organic Retail

our organic products


Organic Retail

our organic products


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“Petti – Il pomodoro al centro”

Suggested recipes

Cook with Petti tomato and be inspired by taste and fantasy.
Petti helps you creating all sorts of dishes, from the traditional Pastas to more exotic and Gourmet recipes, our wide range of tomato preserves are ideal for practical and quick meals, for those who have no time to spend in the kitchen, but the Petti range offers a wide choice also to real, Chefs, experts and food lovers. Classic sieved tomato passata, chopped tomatoes, concentrated tomato paste and an entire line of delicacies from Tuscan organic Datterini, the wide range of Petti tomato meets all requirements and tastes. We explain how to maximize the features of each product for a healthy and varied cuisine.


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