The sauces

Tomato sauce with basil

A traditional recipe that lets you enjoy the summery and heady fragrance of basil all year round. Its unmistakable flavour brings out the sweet and rounded taste of Tuscan tomato.
Petti sauces – with no gluten and no preservatives – are designed for anyone who loves great Italian food. They come from a love for processing top-quality Tuscan tomato and from being constantly dedicated to offering healthy products with a genuine flavour. Expertly made to win over even the pickiest and most demanding palates, they are guaranteed to be practical and fast to use, making them a valid alternative when you don’t have much time for cooking, without losing out on authentic traditional Italian flavours or top-quality ingredients. The photo of the actual ingredients on the label is a feast for the eyes and an invitation for you to choose the sauce you prefer from the various elegant jars.


finely chopped tomatoes (90%)

basil (3%)



extra virgin olive oil


Jar 300g, 200g