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Spaghetti Meatballs

Main course

Il Pregiato

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• Quickly rinse the slices of bread, then squeeze them well and knead them with the beef pulp;
• Roughly chop the parsley and add it to the meat, add salt and pepper and knead again;
• Shape into large meatballs, then flour them lightly:
• Heat the oil in a pan, brown the garlic and add the meatballs, browning
them carefully on the outside;
• Meanwhile, throw the pasta into boiling salted water;
• Add Petti Organic Datterini Passata flavoured with white truffle
in the meatballs pan, pour a ladle of cooking water and leave to simmer
for 5 minutes;
• Remove the garlic and add the linguine al dente in the pan, then add a little
• Stir in oil and pepper, place the spaghetti on a plate, then lay the meatballs
and the sauce on top of it and complete adding plenty of grated Parmigiano Reggiano.

Ingredients for 2 people

• Spaghetti, 200 g;
• Beef pulp, 250 g;
• White bread, 2 slices;
• Petti Organic Datterini Passata flavoured with white truffle, 350g;
• Parsley, 1 tuft;
• Salt/Pepper, to taste;
• Extra virgin olive oil, q.s.;
• Garlic, 2 cloves;
• Flour, q.s. to bread the meatballs;
• ParmigianoReggiano, q.s.