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Crab Cake



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  • Heat a little oil in a saucepan and brown a clove of garlic, then add 60 g of Petti concentrated tomato paste , diluted in 50 ml of chicken broth and a few parsley stems: cook for about ten minutes.
    Keep aside;
  • Mix the crab meat with one boiled potato, one egg, the chopped parsley, the Tabasco, the finely chopped pepper, the panko bread, the paprika, and the “L’ essenziale” Concentrated tomato paste Petti;
  • Taste and adjust salt and pepper if necessary;
  • Shape the “cake” using a food ring mold and leave to rest in the fridge for atleast 1 hour;
  • Flour the cake, drain off any excess and dip it in the beaten egg with a fork,then roll it in the panko bread;
  • Cook in a pan with oil and butter until the “cake” is well brown on both sides,then dry with absorbent paper;
  • Serve on the tomato sauce with a little lime juice and grated peel.

Ingredients for 1 crab cake

• Crab meat, 200 g;
• Boiled potato, 1;
• Petti concentrated tomato
paste, 30 g (for the dough)
+ 60 g (for the sauce);
• Eggs, 1 dough + 1 breading;
• Flour,q.s.;
• Panko bread, 60 g + q.s.;
• Parsley, q.s.
• Oil/Salt/Pepper/Garlic, q.s.;
• Tabasco, 1 splash;
• Sweet Paprika, q.s.;
• Chili Pepper, q.s.;
• Butter, 20 g;
• Lime juice and peel, q.s.