Chef in Camicia

Chili con Carne

Main course

Il Delicato

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  • Dice the celery, the carrot, the onion and the garlic;
  • Brown the celery, the carrot, the onion and the garlic with the chopped pepper and the cumin;
  • Add the ground beef and brown well; • Chop the peppers in small chunks;
  • Brown them with the other vegetables and the meat in the saucepan;
  • Add the red beans, then add the Petti extra fine sieved tomatoes passataand cover with chicken broth;
  • Cook on a low heat for 4 hours;
  • Adjust salt and pepper, then serve with chopped fresh coriander, the limejuice and peel, sour cream and the little chunks of the peppers;
  • Serve with tortillas.

Ingredients for 2 people

• Very fine minced beef, 450 g;
• Canned red beans, 200 g;
• Petti extra fine sieved tomatoes
passata, 700g;
• Celery/Carrot/Onion/Chili/Garlic
(for the sauté);
• Seeds of Coriander, q.s.;
• Green and red fresh chili pepper 1;
• Pepper 1⁄2 red and 1⁄2 yellow;
• Chicken broth, 150 ml;
• Salt/Oil, to taste;
• Lime, peel and juice, 1;
• Fresh coriander, q.s.;
• Sour cream, q.s.;
• Tortillas, to taste.