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Anchovy flan with Jalapen?o sauce




45 min


main course


4 people

Il piccanto
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Grease the aluminum molds with oil and sprinkle with breadcrumbs; place the anchovies inside the shape, lying them vertically in a radial pattern. Line them up to ll the whole mold, making sure to leave the abundance towards the outer edges to fold inwards and close the ans.
In a bowl, mix the ricotta, the chopped basil, salt and pepper. Fill the molds with the mixture and close their base by folding the anchovies towards the in- side. Bake the patties into the molds at 200° in the preheated oven for about 7 minutes. Meanwhile fry the finely chopped fresh spring onion so that it can melt while cooking,
add the Organic Datterini Passata with Jalapen?o “Il piccanto”, add salt and cook over high heat for about 15 minutes. Churn out the flans and let them cool before removing from the molds.
Serve reclining a tablespoon of Jalapen?o sauce on a at plate, place over the an and decora- te with herbs’ leaves.


600 g of anchovies
350 g Organic Datterini passata with Jalapen?o “Il piccanto”
350 g ricotta cheese
100 g of bread crumbs
1 bunch of fresh basil
1 spring onion
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper
Fresh herbs to decorate